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About SimplePlan

SimplePlan is a fusion of offline and online interior design services that deliver stylish and accurate 3D designs with a one-time home visit, online design studio, professional designers, sourced furniture from top brands, seamless logistics processes, climate-controlled warehouse, white-glove in-home delivery partner, and a proactive customer service.

CEO of SimplePlan interior design company

Doug Davis

Founder and CEO of SimplePlan

Who is SimplePlan design service for?

We are for home owners who want a stylish customized home interior design and a reliable furnishing service without the hidden fees, sales pressure or confusing process.  Some are looking to either renovate or redecorate their home. Some choose to design just a room or two, while others choose to design their entire home due to our affordability and easy process.

Why did you start SimplePlan?

I started SimplePlan after watching someone close to me struggle with her upcoming home renovation project. She wanted to work with a designer that could take her current home layout and transform it to her vision using the photo realistic 3d renders.

She said, "Doug I want to know exactly what I want and have confidence that when my project is done that I will love it. I don't want to waste a contractors time until I have my perfect design."

She was overwhelmed by all the fees, the pushy sales process, lack of a process, or all designers designing just coastal design. She just wanted a Simple Plan that she could follow to guide her with out it costing her 10s of thousands of dollars.

I want to renovate my home. Why SimplePlan?

If a client is renovating they choose SimplePlan because they like the idea of saving money by managing their own project. Our clients do not want an interior design firm to manage their renovation project due to maybe the renovation work is minor or maybe our client already has experience or the network to manage the needed projects like painting, tile work, cabinets, etc..

What do clients benefit by working with SimplePlan?

We save our clients money and time by offering a one time pre-design home visit followed up with online interior design. This ensure accurate measurements and understanding of our clients space, while not making it into a sales meeting or presentation. Online design and collaboration frees up our clients schedule and reduces the cost. We have no expensive showroom, and our fees are posted online. We have over 150 national trade only furniture vendors to source from plus have established relationships locally with furniture vendors. We have a local warehouse to store and deliver items when our clients are ready and we have a team of local experts to help with the renovation work needed.

SimplePlan Core Values


We treat each other and our clients with care and respect. Have integrity.

Show UP

Take pride in your work. Let your actions speak for themselves.

Think TEAM

Achieve more together. Open communication and collaboration is the key.


Work hard and play hard. Have a passion and bring that joy into others life.

About our Founder

Doug Davis is a Florida business professional known for his passionate approach on life, servant heart and knack for solving problems while also adding value. With over 20 years of experience in business both domestic and internationally, Doug and his team are quickly building a brand for their interior design and planning service. While also lowering the stigma and costly fees associated with interior design. The SimplePlan process of bringing all stake holders to the client, and utilizing the power of technology and top talented designers… is truly special.

His enthusiasm for his profession is shown in his ability to help clients and his team members to achieve their goals. Creating a great service or product that helps the customer that also creates a job for someone to support their family is a true win-win. He combines his passionate approach to life and kindness with his remarkable business talent.

It gives him great joy to see his clients love their newly designed space and how the design will impact the way they view and enjoy their environment.

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Why Use Our Service

We Bring Real Solutions To The Real Problems That Are Being Voiced Out By Real People With Our Simple Interior Design Experience.

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How It Works

A step by step breakdown of how our interior design process works. From our Pre-Design to Online design to furnishings, and delivery. Simple.

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Watch our recent webinar. How to receive a beautiful and professional interior design while saving time, money, and headaches with SimplePlan CEO Neal Davis

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