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6 Reasons To Choose SimplePlan

Many homeowners are switching from traditional to online interior design but still having problems with the overall service. That’s why SimplePlan brings you accurate, and not just band-aid, solutions!

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Common Kitchen Design Mistakes And How To Fix Them

Tons of kitchen designs and ideas are intimidating, but don’t worry because we curated this list so you can try to avoid these mistakes!

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a white Hollywood kitchen interior design

Common Kitchen Room Layouts

Now, it’s time for you to make up your mind and dip yourself in the pool of the most common kitchen room layouts. Don’t worry; we’ll let you take a sneak peek at how each design looks!

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an Eclectic kitchen interior design

9 Best Kitchen Island Ideas For Your Home

Among many other elements in a kitchen room, kitchen island is the real superstar. So if you’re one of many who dream of a kitchen island, you probably should check this out!

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How to Measure your Curtains to Perfection

Curtains are essential in a house, they serve the purpose of blocking off the light and providing you with needed privacy, but they are also one of the ways in which you can elevate your space if done right.

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Common Bedroom Design Mistakes and How to Fix Them

To fully achieve the state of relaxation we have all been dreaming of, you must ensure that your bedroom does its job for you.

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