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Taking the guesswork out of Home Interior Design with a simple and clear process


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Within 24 hours after purchase, our local Pre-Design Consultant will call to schedule your pre-design survey. During this visit we will start by discussing your visions, needs, and any challenges. We will collect detailed measurements and sketch your current space. Capture pictures/video of your rooms and any inspiration images that you have collected. Typical visit is 2 -3 hours with more rooms extending this time.

SimplePlan interior design local package

Concept Design

You will be given access to our Online Design portal where you can collaborate with your Design Team. Design team will review answers from your Pre-Design survey and all supporting images and measurements. Team will work towards creating 2 Concept Designs that will fulfill your design needs and space. One design will be conservative, while the other will push the envelope. Goal is to see all that can be accomplished.


Based on your feedback, design team will update colors, style, furnishings, layout, materials, etc.. Collaborate daily via Design Studio. See your design come to life. Your designer will present Development Design version for more feedback. Revise. Collaborate.


Based on your budget and design needs, your design team will source from over 100 vendors for furnishings you need to make your design a reality. During each step you will be presented an updated shopping list. Reject, approve, or give feedback. We share all discounts that we worked hard for with our clients. You pay what we pay!

Final Design "SimplePlan"

Make your dream home a reality with your completed design and plan.

Warehouse and Storage Available

For most of our clients we will ship their new furnishings direct to their home.


Clients that are in the middle of a major renovation may opt to have the items stored off site. This ensures the items remain safe from damage, accidents, or stolen.


For that reason, SimplePlan has a local receiving warehouse that can receive, inspect, store, and deliver your items when ready. Cost of storage varies depending on the storage space used per month.

If interested please speak to your design team so arrangements can be made.

Our Clients love how easy home interior design is with us

Jason M.


I loved that my pre-designer took note of all the items I wanted to keep in my design. Then the design team focused in on what I needed. From there they knew my budget and my style needs and went to work. They came back with a complete sourced list of products for my home. And to top it all off, they shared their discounts with me!

Home Interior Design Timeline

Fast turnaround design time to help prepare for your upcoming project or renovation.

Day 1

In person Pre-Design Survey. Collect design goals, vision, wants and concerns. Collect measurements, images and sketch floor plan.

Day 7

Concept Design presentation. Designer will present 2 concepts. Collaborate. Give feedback. Ideas? Confirm. Online Zoom Meeting.

Day 14

Development Design presentation. Designer present updates and changes. Collaborate. Online Zoom Meeting.

SimplePlan Interior Design Blue

Day 20*

Final Design presentation. SimplePlan report delivered. Online Zoom Meeting. Finalize shopping list and order

*Design times could vary depending on # of rooms, complexity of design and engagement from client.


Breakdown of items that you will receive – Per room

Floor Plan

Furniture recommendations, space saving ideas and flow of space all come from accurate measurements and plan.

Mood Board

Get a feel of your space from our mood boards. Textures, colors, fabrics, and furniture ideas help tell the story.

Furniture Layout

Layout of furniture and breakdown of items in your space and their dimensions. Makes shopping easy.

3D Renders

Receive 2 angles per room to capture the future feeling of your space. Lighting, shadows, and textures so real to life.

Shopping List

Throughout your design process our team will continually source and update your list. Review, Reject, Approve, until complete.


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