Sleek and Sophisticated Art Deco Interior Design

We love making statements of ourselves, and a bold statement can always be said with art deco interior design. With its sharp angles, shiny reflections and strong patterns, it’s a statement people will remember well. If you want that sleek and sophisticated flair in your home, getting a design is fast, easy and affordable with SimplePlan.

an Art Deco bedroom interior design

What is Art Deco Interior Design Style?

A style that emerged during the roaring 1920s, Art Deco heavily emphasizes luxury and glamor, as well as modernity of the time. The design is very ornate, with a lot of geometric shapes and clean lines along sharp angles. Bold colors with sleek textures, and reflective and shiny surfaces, it is a very distinctive style that easily sets a statement.

an Art Deco dining room interior design

Is Art Deco Interior Design the right style for you?

A style that doesn’t hold back, if you always want to go big, go bold, or go back, then Art Deco might be the style for you. Sophistication and elegance are just two of the many ways to describe it, and anyone who walks through your home will know it about you. If you dress to impress, and feel this should extend to your home, then consider this interior design style.

an Art Deco living room interior design

While the name of the style itself would quickly evoke thoughts of the Great Gatsby, it shouldn’t be limited to that. After all, we don’t want an overstatement. You’ll want chrome accents across your room, catching the eyes of people who walk through and seeing themselves. Geometric patterns give a strong sense of movement and guests will not be able to help themselves but look around the room. Each room will feel luxurious and modern, but at the same time, they always feel timeless. This style will also allow you to explore many beautiful pieces to decorate with – bold elements such as crystal chandeliers are a staple, with sunburst mirrors drawing the eyes, then sending them off in many directions. Your space will tell so many stories, and they will all leave an impression of glamor, sophistication, and modernity.


striking, bold


mirrors, crystal, polished, metallic


pointed edges, arched tops, geometric



an Art Deco kitchen interior design

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