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If you feel like the best way you could describe yourself is free-spirited and eclectic, then Bohemian, or Boho interior design style is for you. SimplePlan offers fast, easy and affordable interior design, with you at the helm. Get that beautiful space you always wanted today.

What is Bohemian Interior Design Style?

With a rich history rooted in counterculture movements from the 19th and 20th centuries, Bohemian interior design, or Boho, is a celebration of creative expression and free-spiritedness. That focus on freedom of expression allowed the style to freely evolve, eventually including other aesthetics, such as Moroccan or even Indian design. 

boho living room interior design

Is Bohemian Interior Design the right style for you?

If you’d like to come home to a laid-back space, free from rigidness or repetitive structure, then this style is for you. Boho is very popular and trendy, and allows you to explore directions you will find difficult incorporating in other styles. Unique organic furniture, soft linens and cotton, combined with plenty of patterns available will keep you spoiled for choice. 

modern boho kitchen interior design

If you enjoy exploring to find the right decorations for your home, this style is like a canvas. Tapestries and throw pillows add to the warmth, vintage and unique finds can serve as one-of-a-kind conversation pieces. If you have frequent guests, you’ll never run out of interesting ways to keep them entertained – art, books and even souvenirs from your travels can add even more substance to your space. And if you finally feel ready to kick back and relax, the design will never leave you exhausted – it’s cozy, warm and will take you to far away lands as you drift into your dreams.




natural, wood, rattan, silk, velvet


natural with a lot of movement


spirited and adventurous

modern boho living room interior design

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Not just style. Bring substance to your home and make every dollar count. Go through our eBook and be more confident when you start your project.

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“I have always wanted this style and look. It was nice to find a designer that could pull it off, since In my area all designers tend to specialize in a few styles. Making all the homes look the same.”
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Kat P.
Pensacola, Florida

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