Eclectic Interior Design

Bending the rules of traditional interior design, Eclectic design carefully and artfully mixes different styles resulting in something unique – a style on its own. Care must be taken to avoid going from manicured into messy, curated to complicated. With SimplePlan, you can be in charge, but feel secure that you will end up with a beautiful design no matter what. It’s fast, easy and affordable. Get started today!

an Eclectic dining room interior design

What is Eclectic Interior Design Style?

An eclectic interior design is the careful coordination in creating cohesiveness between multiple design styles. You may have a beautiful, ornate centerpiece, but you feel that you’re leaning towards more contemporary furniture pieces to place around it. This is where mastery of Eclectic design comes in. Simply throwing things in randomly will result in a mess. The style involves repetition of certain elements – patterns, textures and similar themes to create a motif the rest of your space will follow.

an Eclectic living room interior design

Is Eclectic Interior Design the right style for you?

If you consider yourself as having great taste and an eye for great pieces you want for your space, then eclectic interior design style is an excellent choice. You may have an idea in mind, like a floral theme or a monochromatic palette which is a good starting point. This style opens up opportunities to combine certain elements which may feel direct opposites of each other, such as modern pieces and vintage antiques. The important thing to remember is keeping things cohesive – you don’t want a mess. It’s a fun and exciting style, and can be tailored to fit your specific preference and personality.




no rules - have fun


expressive patterns, contrast two styles



an Eclectic kitchen interior design

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vintage dining room interior design
modern bedroom interior design
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"We purchased an old country home that was dated and need of an update. Working with the design team we came up with a few different options. The process was easy and fast. We saved money on the design compared to the other designers we spoke with. This was nice since we were able to spend that money on the furniture we needed. Plus, the savings SimplePlan gave us on the furniture was  a nice touch. Would use again and have already told a few friends. Thank you SimplePlan team."
Jen S.
Pensacola, Florida

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