Industrial Interior Design

Always a popular choice to give any space a more urban twist, without leaning into more modern design elements. Get a beautiful industrial interior design with SimplePlan today. It’s fast, easy and affordable.

What is Industrial Interior Design Style?

While the style is rooted in the Industrial Revolutions, which focused more on functionality over aesthetics, the style has its own rustic and mature charm. The rise of loft living in urban areas popularized this design style, and it’s still going strong, being a very classic and familiar look.

Is Industrial Interior Design the right style for you?

You might live in a space that’s perfect for this style, such as a studio condo unit. This is especially so if your space has rich, red brick walls as these lend to the aesthetic greatly. You might also just like the look – it’s rustic, mature and warm.

Exposed materials is one of the main elements of an industrial interior design style. Exposed bricks, concrete floor, exposed pipes – these tend to be considered unattractive in a different style, but they really shine here. Colors tend to lean on neutrals – gray, black and white. The colors you’ll want will come from the materials you use – wood, brick and the like all add warmth to the overall look. Reclaimed wood also lends to this style, so you might want to include that, as it adds to the raw aesthetic. Furnishings will lean more on minimalism, going back to the focus on functionality that this design is inspired by. Still, you’ll have a lot of industrial-themed accents you can add – antiques add great character to this style and can serve as conversation pieces.




building materials


squared lines, blocky shapes


rustic & mature

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