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Destin Harbor Walk, Florida

Florida can be characterized by its clear blue skies, beautiful beaches, and laidback lifestyles accentuated by cheerful, sunny and bright personalities of the people. After a great day outside, there’s nothing better than coming home to a beautiful, personalized space.

Interior Design in Destin

Destin is an amazing place, with beautiful beaches that attract a lot of tourists. Plenty of festivals and outdoor activities give it a unique lifestyle that is both easy-going, laid-back, yet active and fun. The food can make a seafood-lover of anyone, and the beachfront is alive with shops that sell everything you would need to truly enjoy your stay. Along with that is an active interior design scene where trends are bright and vibrant, like the people.

Interior Design Style Trends in Destin

Destin’s beachfront location influences design trends. Exteriors tend to use natural materials that bring color to the coast, and interior design is no exception.

coastal bedroom interior design


Destin’s active boating lifestyle matches well with the natural wood of coastal design style. While you can also opt for a more modern approach, rustic style coastal is a always trendy, with good use of wood, wicker and a lot of blues and neutral tones. 


beach colors; sand, sea and sky


natural wood


natural, smooth curves


calm & cool

rustic living room interior design


In keeping up with the popular use of natural woods, Rustic matches the atmosphere of Destin. You can build your space with a modern twist, although going nostalgic with antiques and other natural materials is also a good aesthetic. Vintage and distressed furniture can also add to the natural feel.


earth tones


wood, leather and stone


natural and rough


warm, cozy and nostalgic

modern coastal studio condo interior design


If you’d like a more polished and sleek feel to your space, a modern interior design style might be for you. Quite popular among people who want a trendy, minimalistic approach to their space, modern design makes heavy use of neutral tones. Accents include glass and metal pieces to round out the space with more colors and texture.


neutral, white and gray


polished wood, glass and metal


clean lines


sleek and minimalist

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“I purchased the plan online and a few days later a consultant meet me at my cabin. He collected some images, measurements, sketched my space, and we had a brief sit down conversation. I wanted a Vintage or “Victorian style” tea room / study. I wasn’t quiet sure exactly what I wanted so it took several renderings. The staff was patient and professional throughout the process. The final design turned out even better than I had envisioned.”
Jerry O.
Destin, Florida

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