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Get that perfect space to relax and cool off in after a day under the Florida sun. Whether your project is just a single room to shake things up, or a full-fledged top-to-bottom

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Florida is a beautiful place, with sunny skies brightening every day. This is especially true along the Emerald Coast, with its many attractions, places to visit, and of course – gorgeous beaches to relax in. After a day enjoying the beauty of the state, there’s nothing like ending it with a cherry on top – coming home to a gorgeous space.

Interior Design in Pensacola

With a thriving interior design scene, Pensacola has many design firms and even independent designers and decorators. This speaks of not only a great love for great interior design in Pensacola, but also means great variety in trends. You might find yourself overwhelmed by the myriad of options this presents you with, but choice is always good. Let’s look at these trends and work from there.

Interior Design Color Trends in Pensacola

If you’re really going into it cold, just start with the basics. You can choose a color or two you really like, and work from there. The color can greatly define the mood of the rooms, so this is a very important thing to consider. It can also be affected by the style you choose, so keep this in mind.

White and Bright, Gray Neutrals

A common color palette, sometimes with the occasional black accent added in. This color palette works very well with more modern design styles, such as contemporary or minimalist. Consider this if you prefer a cleaner, sleeker, more cosmopolitan look. But don’t be limited by that, as this can also be applied well to other styles.

Coastal Colors

If you feel like your time in the beach isn’t enough, then you might consider coastal colors – muted shades of greens, grays and blues. You can also include sandy colors, completing a warm, serene atmosphere.

Earth Tones

With natural colors, this is a popular palette that’s easy on your eyes. Warm browns,  neutral reds or rusty oranges can give your home a cozy vibe. This trendy combination can work with many design styles, such as Rustic, Mediterranean, or even Industrial.


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Interior Design Style Trends in Pensacola

With its rich culture, Pensacola interior design ihas a wide variety of trending styles. If you’re more inclined to focus on what style to use for your home, there are a few popular styles which best fit the diverse lifestyle along the Florida Panhandle.


Being a coastal city, this style is a staple. If you’re into the surf and sand lifestyle, then this design style might be for you. Light and airy elements bring the beach and its breeze into your home. You’ll want to incorporate natural textures, materials and colors. 


beach colors; sand, sea and sky


natural wood


natural, smooth curves


calm & cool

Midcentury Modern living room interior design


Already a timeless style for many American homes, Mid-century Modern design might appeal to you if you want a simple, classic theme which feels cozy and familiar. You’ll love coming home everyday, with organic-shaped furniture and decor. Colors can be bold, but easy on the eyes. Mustard yellow, orange and similar colors are common. Turquoise gives it all a vibrant twist.


vibrant & bold


wood, leather and metal


smooth, organic curves


cozy & familiar

mediterranean living room interior design


Given the city’s Spanish colonial heritage, Mediterranean is a popular style in Pensacola. If you choose this style, warm colors and use of terracotta are staples. Other good materials include wrought iron, and beautiful ornate tiles.


warm sunset


terracotta, tiles, natural wood


natural, ornamental


warm & serene

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