Traditional Interior Design

A timeless classic, traditional interior design draws inspiration from different periods of history. The result is an ornate and luxurious design that speaks of elegance and tradition matched with comfort. If you feel you want to build your home in a traditional style, it’s fast, easy and affordable with SimplePlan. Get your project started today.

traditional bedroom interior design

What is Traditional Interior Design Style?

Traditional interior design approaches decorating based on various styles that came into prominence in different periods in the past, such as Victorian, Colonial and Georgian. It uses luxurious materials paired with ornate detailing. The overall look is classical and very warm and inviting.

traditional living room interior design

Is Traditional Interior Design the right style for you?

Elegance would be the first word to describe the design style. The ornate detailing of the furniture pieces and panels are exquisite. If you picture yourself entertaining guests with classics such as tea, and love giving a good impression, this is a great design for you. It’s also very clean and warm, making people feel at home.

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Your palette will be mostly light, neutral colors which have a more exquisite feel, such as beige, cream and ivory. Accents can be darker and bolder. You’ll enjoy picking out your furniture, as there are many classical pieces you can choose from. Your upholstered pieces will have beautiful adornments, such as tassels and fringes. Carved detailing on your tables and chairs, and even wall panels. Lighting fixtures can range from chandeliers to candelabras. And you can have large, ornate mirrors as conversation pieces as well. Materials you can use will be more elegant, with fabrics such as silk, velvet and brocade. For your furnishings, you’ll want a lot of polished wood.


neutral with careful use of bold colors


wood, polished silver, antiques


clean, ornate, no geometry


classic, homey feel

modern boho living room interior design

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