6 Reasons To Choose SimplePlan Interior Design

SimplePlan interior design provides a service which is simple, easy, and affordable.

Have you ever stumbled upon a room in your home and realized how it doesn’t satisfy you anymore? One of the many things that might enter your mind is renovation. Many homeowners are switching from traditional to online interior design but still having problems with the overall service. That’s why SimplePlan brings you accurate and not just band-aid solutions!

1. What The Customer Wants, The Customer Gets

SimplePlan delivers accurate design and polished service. Unlike 100% online interior design companies who give suggested design, furnishings, and layout without considering the measurements and area of the space, Simpleplan dedicates a home visit to reach maximum customer satisfaction.

2. Simple Online Collaboration

Are you having headaches due to schedule conflicts with your traditional interior designer? Worry no more! After the in-person site survey and consultation, the client and SimplePlan’s interior designers collaborate through Online SimplePlan Design Studio.

3. One-Time In-person Site Visit

Feeling uneasy with the sales pressure brought by traditional interior designers? Fret no more! SimplePlan provides a stress-free experience for the client in the comfort of their home.

4. Fixed Package With No Hidden Charges

woman happy with discounts on interior design

Are you one of many who got wowed with a cheap interior design package you’ve seen from a website, but ended up paying more? We understand how frustrating that is! But that’s why we offer fixed packages with no hidden charges. What you see on our website is what you get!

5. 5-Star Rated Customer Service

Got a sudden change of mind with your design? Or have you experienced choosing furniture, but quickly being left with no stock? SimplePlan’s proactive customer service will help you every step of your journey.

6. Unique And One-Of-A-Kind Design

Have you ever seen another home that looks exactly or closely similar to yours? Or ever noticed that your room doesn’t fully serve its purpose? SimplePlan’s design processes revolve around you, not your designer. We make your vision a reality because your design must resemble your lifestyle! We don’t just design off of Pinterest images like others do. Your design is one of kind like you. Priceless.

We take pride in the testimonials from our amazing clients. Our clients’ stories are our success stories. You can view them here.

modern coastal studio condo interior design

Eric M.

“The SimplePlan team helped me decide on how I was going to layout my new studio condo and did so very fast. The designers sourced all the furniture and presented options for me to choose from. Saved me time and money. Great service.”

a white Hollywood living room interior design

Kat P.

“I have always wanted this style and look. It was nice to find a designer that could pull it off, since In my area all designers tend to specialize in a few styles. Making all the homes look the same.”

coastal bedroom interior design

Holly T.

“There’s nothing like a day at the beach and coming to my newly designed home – it feels like I never left the beach! Thank you SimplePlan!”

an Art Deco bedroom interior design

Martha G.

“Being able to speak with my designer online around my schedule made this process so much easier than I thought. I loved the design and attention detail they showed.”

vintage study interior design

Jerry O.

“I purchased the plan online and a few days later a consultant meet me at my cabin. He collected some images, measurements, sketched my space, and we had a brief sit down conversation. I wanted a Vintage or “Victorian style” tea room / study. I wasn’t quiet sure exactly what I wanted so it took several renderings. The staff was patient and professional throughout the process. The final design turned out even better than I had envisioned.”


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