Modern Bathroom Design Trends

Bathroom design tends to be neglected. Most homeowners tend to splurge more in designing other rooms, and keep the bathroom to merely serve its purpose. But to tell you, the bathroom is just as important as any other room in the house! Check this out to see modern bathroom design trends that will change your life.

Stunning Chandeliers

Lighting plays an important role in every room in the house. You might notice in our blog about kitchen design mistakes how lighting contributes to kitchen productivity.

Align your choice to your lifestyle—do you usually spend your evenings relaxing in a hot tub of lavender and rose extracts? Warm yellow light is the one for you! Or are you a minimalist but wanted a twist? Change of lighting is a good way to go.

Clean and Polished Look

Who doesn’t want a clean and polished look for their bathrooms? Nobody! To achieve this state, closed drawers and cabinets can help for your toiletries and other stuff you don’t want others to see. You might want to try concealed drains for your shower area!

Splash of Patterns and Textures

If you’re up for a unique and refreshing look for your bathroom, veer away from plain-colored tiles. You can try a black-and-white tiles with a twist of small detail. Meanwhile, if you are into zen interior design, bamboo material can be added to your list. Or an additional stone and shell display if you’re up for coastal vibes.

Pop of Bold Colors

Most people would choose plain, light-colored tiles for floors and walls. But you don’t want to be like most people. You want to stand out, and reflect who you really are. You can still achieve a polished look as long as the overall theme complements each other.

Furniture on Display

To achieve both functionally and aesthetically-pleasing bathroom, choose sleek and unique pieces of furniture. You may include a free standing tub and shower for bigger spaces, or plumbing on display and a floating on vanity for small spaces.

Just in case you were stuck with ways of giving your bathroom a new look, you may want to give one of these ideas a try!


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