Asian Home Design in Pensacola, Florida

Rose M.


Design Story:

Pensacola design project where our client wanted a unique Asian / Zen inspired style. Due to upcoming travel, our client needed a fast turnaround time on the design work. We had a great time working with her and was excited to deliver on time a beautiful design.

Design Challenge:

  • Asian interior design style
  • Wall Coverings and lighting
  • Bedroom design ideas
  • Furniture layout
  • Furniture options
  • Fast turnaround time


Bedroom, Dining Room, Kitchen, Living Room

“The SimplePlan process was perfect for my needs. I needed a plan and design. I needed furniture. I need a fast turnaround time and they checked all the boxes. Thank you.”

Rose M.


Rose's SimplePlan

Asian Bedroom

Asian Living Room

Asian Kitchen

Asia Dining Room

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