Coastal Condo Design in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Holly T.

Fort Walton Beach

Design Story:

Coastal is a popular design along Florida, and with good reason - it brings the beach vibe that Florida is famous for indoors and into homes. Holly always enjoyed hitting the beaches as much as she could with her friends and family, and had asked us if she could enjoy the feeling of the beach breeze at home. We were quick to help her out, and soon had a design she was very happy with.

Design Challenge:

  • Bright and breezy theme
  • Beach/coastal feel for furniture
  • Fabric that fit the theme
  • Finding good, durable and beautiful materials to match the rest of the theme


Bedroom, Dining Room, Kitchen, Living Room

“There’s nothing like a day at the beach and coming to my newly designed home – it feels like I never left the beach! Thank you SimplePlan!”

Holly T.


Holly's SimplePlan

Coastal Bedroom

Mood Board
Furniture Layout

Coastal Living Room

Mood Board
Furniture Layout

Coastal Kitchen

Mood Board
Furniture Layout

Coastal Dining Room

Mood Board
Furniture Layout

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