Minimalist Design in Panama City Beach, Florida

Ashley F.


Design Story:

Ashley had always wanted a minimalist design, with trendy and clean lines. Finally decided to take that step, she contacted us and gave us a budget. We helped her pull off the design, but also located the furnishings she would need.

Design Challenge:

  • Furniture layout
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Budget-friendly furniture options
  • Wall coverings


Bedroom, Dining Room, Kitchen, Living Room

“Having the pre-design meeting, online designer, revisions, savings on furniture, and the help finding everything to my budget was well worth it. All the benefits for an affordable price with today’s economy was a great help to our budget.”

Ashley F.


Ashley's SimplePlan

Minimalist Bedroom

Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalist Dining Room

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