Modern Coastal Studio Condo Design in Destin, Florida

Eric M.

Condo Owner

Design Story:

Eric had recently purchased this beautiful studio condo in Destin, Florida. The unit was going to be a rental unit, and he needed a fast turnaround time. The furniture was mix matched with no clear design or style. The room was dark and dated. He wanted coastal with a simple and modern style. Most importantly he wanted it done fast.

Design Challenge:

  • Client purchased as a Rental unit and needed a fast turnaround.
  • Wanted to see 2 options. Keep bed where it was or move the bed closer to back door.
  • Source furniture that was in stock / deliver fast.


Studio Condo (Foyer, Bedroom, Dining Room, Living Room)

“The SimplePlan team helped me decide on how I was going to layout my new studio condo and did so very fast. The designers sourced all the furniture and presented options for me to choose from. Saved me time and money. Great service.”

Eric M.


Eric's SimplePlan

Modern Coastal Bedroom

Mood Board
Furniture Layout

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