Modern Transitional Design in Pensacola

Sue H.


Design Story:

Sue and her husband wanted to update their home now that their children were off to college. It was time for them to have the furniture and style they wanted and not worry about the kids.

They wanted to see options on how to update their home without a complete renovation. As busy professionals, they didn’t think interior design was possible since traditionally it requires many meetings. Not to mention they didn’t want to spend 1000s on a design when they had to purchased all new furniture too.

Design Challenge:

  • Client wanted to keep her current cabinets and countertops. Do not change the layout. Just update.
  • Had a few legacy pieces that had to be worked into the design.
  • Wanted modern / contemporary, but not too modern.
  • What colors to paint the cabinets? What color back splash. What about cabinet hardware? Wall Color?


Dining Room, Kitchen, Foyer

“Now that the children are off to college, it was time for us to update our home. The SimplePlan consultant came to our home and sat and listened to what we wanted. She took measurements, images and was very professional. The designers were online and was an easy and fast process. The furniture that they sourced as well priced. It was an easy process and very affordable.”

Sue H.


Sue's SimplePlan

Modern Transitional Kitchen

Mood Board
Furniture Layout

Modern Transitional Dining Room

Mood Board
Furniture Layout

Modern Transitional Foyer

Mood Board
Furniture Layout

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