Design Plus+

Design + is an add-on package that clients can add to their designs to further showcase their future spaces. Gain more clarity and peace of mind that you will love your home when renovation is completed.

Take your design to the next level with Design + and push what our team and technology can do for you.

Design + add-on package includes:

  • 360 degree Panoramic Images (VR capable)
  • 1 minute HD 1080p video walkthrough of your future room(s)
  • Printed Full Color SimplePlan report – Great for presenting to contractors/trades to ensure accuracy

Design fees based on # of rooms not hours or SQF. Clients love to save money and time by designing additional rooms


Pick from one of our design packages:

If you haven’t yet, make sure to choose and purchase an E-Design or Local Design package, as Design+ is only an addon for those packages.

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