Learn about Interior Design with SimplePlan CEO Doug Davis

We discuss the different types of Interior Design companies, the pros -vs- cons of each, questions to ask, how to save money, how it works and much more!

CEO of SimplePlan interior design company

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The Complete Guidebook for Interior Design in 2022


What are others saying?

Maria T.

“I chose SimplePlan because I am a busy mom and needed a designer that was flexible with my schedule that was also affordable. I like that their pricing was upfront and easy to understand. They meet all my expectations!”

transitional dining room interior design

Emily S.

“I really needed help finding all the furniture that would fit my budget and complete the style. I didn’t have the time to look around and shop for months. My designer was able to find everything on my list and to my budget. This was priceless!”

Andrea H.

“I simply love my design and all the details the team put into the plan. The furniture selection they found was great and saved me time and money! My contractor really appreciated the fact that I knew exactly what I wanted, and had a plan ready.”

an Art Deco bedroom interior design

Martha G.

“Being able to speak with my designer online around my schedule made this process so much easier than I thought. I loved the design and attention detail they showed.”

mediterranean dining room interior design

Noah S.

“After meeting a few different design firms I choose SimplePlan due to their clear pricing and simple process. They did a great job.”

Midcentury Modern living room interior design

Stacy C.

“I love the design and the attention my designer gave me, but I really appreciate the time spent finding the exact pieces of furniture to make the look a reality. Very efficient and worth the money.”

transitional living room interior design

Shermaine S.

“I love how the visuals really bring everything to life, especially the Before vs Design images. The furniture sourcing was a nice benefit and saved me a lot of time and money.  You went above and beyond. Thank you.”

minimalist living room interior design

Ashley F.

“Having the pre-design meeting, online designer, revisions, savings on furniture, and the help finding everything to my budget was well worth it. All the benefits for an affordable price with today’s economy was a great help to our budget.”

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